Portfolio companies in PÄAB 1

AWG has a patented technology for the dehumidification of air that is the world’s most energy-efficient in temperate climates, and have the ambition of becoming the global leader in energy-efficient air treatment. The principle market is the preservation of culturally-significant buildings, water and drainage facilities and public buildings.
Ngenic’s behind the smart thermostat tune that effectively improves the comfort and indoor climate of homeowners with hydronic heating system, while the product saves up to 20 % of energy for heating. In addition, customers can manage their heat via a smart app on the phone and can thus also monitor their house from anywhere in the world.
Drupps is a spin-off from Airwatergreen that could solve the world’s water problems. The company’s technology makes it possible to extract drinking water from the air around us.
The company has developed a patented technology for auditory manufacturing (so-called 3D printing, or free-forming) of tools in HSS and carbide . This way you can save time, material and energy in the manufacture of hard metal tools.

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Portfolio companies in PÄAB 2

Direct Carbon
Direct Carbon is a ClimateTech startup based in Sweden. The technology is a direct result of research and key partnerships with top academia in Sweden. Since 2023, Direct Carbon is a separate company although the founding team has been working on the core technology since 2018. The vision is to turn this planet into a net zero planet.
Embedded software is central to everything from toys to vehicles and fighter aircraft. Percepios software Tracealyzer simpifies software development and increases the overall product quality.
SallyR utilizes knowledge from space technology to save energy in buildings while improving indoor climate.
Beactica is a leader when it comes to understanding and utilizing interactions between drug compounds and target proteins. The company’s expertise is used worldwide to effectively identify and optimize new drug candidates in several different disease areas. Beactica also conducts its own research.
Ilya Pharma
Ilya Pharma develops next-generation drugs for the treatment of skin wounds as well as gastrointestinal tract wounds by utilizing lactic acid bacteria, which produces a protein.
Pharem Biotech
Pharem Biotech develops techniques for purifying water from organic pollutants such as drug residues. Products have been developed both for application on toilet chairs (pCure) and for water purification plants.

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PeptiSystems develops and sells next-generation synthesis tools for commercial production of peptides used as drugs to treat diseases such as cancer, diabetes, HIV / AIDS, and more.

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PreVet develops an app and a service for horse owners and veterinarians to gather all information about the horses in one place, which contributes to less work, better care and lower costs for all parties.

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Flashe gaming develops and sells ergonomic and performance enhancing products for Esport. Flashe reduces injuries in esports, and also increases user performance through innovative esports hardware products.

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Veltio Pharma
VELTIO PHARMA AB is an innovative pharmaceutical company that aspires to transform problem poorly soluble drugs into bestselling products with high bioavailability.

Through our proprietary nanotechnology platform, we aim to improve the solid oral dosage forms that make difference to the patients. Our special focus therapeutic areas include pain and inflammation, immune disorders, and cancer.

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Sold companies

Safety is developing an award-winning and innovative wireless system for safety in apartment buildings.

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Gradientech develops QuickMic – an ultra-fast diagnostic system consisting of analysis instruments with disposable cuvettes that display results after 2 hours, at least 22 hours faster than today's methodology. Faster diagnostics to determine which antibiotics a patient should be treated with can saves lives and money. Calculations have shown that QuickMic can save up to € 4000, which is 30% of hospital costs per blood poisoning patient, and at the same time works to fight the growing antibiotic resistance.
ScandiDos shall improve the treatment of patients with cancer worldwide by reinforcing the confidence in radiotherapy clinics using innovative solutions that further individualize the radiation treatment, making the process safe and efficient.

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Imint Image Intelligence AB
This company has a technological platform for video enhancement and video analysis in real time. The initial customers were for decision-critical systems within security, monitoring and defence including, for example, unmanned vehicles (so-called “drones” and underwater robots) as well as unmanned air-traffic control. The company has now expanded its field of activities within mobile video for the consumer market and, specifically, smartphones.
Anti-snore Partner AB
Anti-snore Partner markets its product Eesy-Flow, a collar that through its unique technology greatly reduces snoring of the wearer. Daily use helps against symptoms of so-called social snoring. Medical studies for the same purpose has been initiated.

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ProForestry AB
Proforestry has a patented technology for mechanical nontoxic protection of forest plants from insect pests. The technology has been licensed to the Swedish Forest seedlings that manufactures, markets and sells protection.

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Adventure Box
Happy Landlord is behind the recently launched game Adventurebox, seen by many as an extension of Minecraft.