PÄAB was founded in 2007 and is founded on the basic idea that experienced board members and business leaders are united in a jointly owned company, which in turn owns shares in several portfolio companies.

From the outset, PÄAB had close contact with the Uppsala Innovation Center (UIC), where innovations and business ideas have already undergone several rounds of evaluation and systematic development steps.

PÄAB continues to develop in close contact with UIC as well as in collaboration with other co-financiers. Today, PÄAB consists of approximately 60 partners and has now invested in 15 companies.

  • Scandidos was exchange-listed in 2014 and our share has been discontinued.
  • Imint was exchange-listed in 2015, and we distributed the majority of the shares amongst our shareholders.
  • Proforestry sold its patent to Svenska Skogsplantor and is continuing its development with the patent buyer.

 Operations are conducted via two public companies, PÄAB I and PÄAB II.

The owners

PÄAB is owned by approximately 60 “business angels” with many years of experience in Swedish and international business. They have backgrounds in both large and small companies from various industries.

The owners have worked as specialists, entrepreneurs, business executives and board members and have a well-developed network of contacts. They have a genuine interest in supporting the portfolio companies in a variety of ways.

Ownership in PÄAB offers the opportunity to closely monitor the development of our portfolio companies, whose product ideas are on the cusp of innovation in their respective industries. Ownership is also an opportunity to invest in unlisted companies together with people who can assess the opportunities and risks of those companies, with the risk distributed across the portfolio. Owners also have the opportunity to meet three times a year and review the development of the portfolio companies.

Core values

PÄAB’s core values are built on the owners’ many years of experience in entrepreneurship and management of small and large companies and can be summarized in three words:

”Community – Commitment – Perseverance”

What PÄAB means to me

“ PÄAB has given me the opportunity to use my experiences from a successful international career to support young entrepreneurs, which I find very motivating.

Good business is not carried out by companies, but by individuals. In order to achieve success, in addition to capital, you need the right people, knowledge, trust and credibility, all of which PABAB can contribute. ”

Jan Närlinge